Why Psychiatry Is So Important

When many people hear the term “psychiatry“, they get a lot of weird images in their head. The years of terrible science journalism, Hollywood spins, and straight up prejudice towards mental illness has caused people to get some incredibly negative ideas of what psychiatry and psychiatric care actually is. This is unfortunate, because for many people, psychiatric care literally keeps them alive.

It’s easy to understand why people willing accept negative ideas about psychiatry. Modern medical science has only existed as we know it in the past 150 years, and it’s only been treating things with a high rate of success for even less time than that. And that’s for physical medicine. When it comes to mental illness, medical science is even worse.

This is where psychiatry comes in. Contrary to popular belief, psychiatry doesn’t involve therapy. In fact, many psychiatrists aren’t trained in therapy techniques at all! Instead, psychiatry involves drugs and medicines, and understanding how they interact with the human brain.

One of the reasons mental illness is so often stigmatized is because many people don’t understand how the brain works. Because many people have managed to get certain habits and tendencies under control, they think everyone can. But the brain is an organ, made up of chemicals and compounds just like every other organ in the body. When it begins breaking down, the body can start doing weird things. And even though you can ignore some of those weird things and they might go away, just as often ignoring the weird things ends up causing severe damage.

Psychiatrists are trained to understand the precise ways the brain breaks down, and what kind of chemicals might help fix it. Psychiatry may be a young science, but it’s already doing great things in people’s daily lives. People with uncontrollable mood swings take mood stabilizers and find themselves able to handle the world. People with memory and attention problems take methylphinedate and find themselves suddenly able to organize things much better.

This is why psychiatry is so important like a Dublin California psychiatrist practices. Many people like to think that simply talking through and “dealing with” your problems is all that’s needed. But for many people, psychiatry is the difference between feeling as if everything in the world hates you, and suddenly feeling like maybe, just this once, you can manage your day. So if you’ve been thinking you need a psychiatric appointment, don’t hold off. You might be amazed at how much help you can get.